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A Reason for Spelling Worktext: Level A (2nd Ed.)


NEW AND REVISED 2nd EDITION includes updates to weekly read-aloud stories, dictation sentences, student exercises, and more.

Recommended for Grade 1.

The Level A Student Worktext begins with 34 single-day Phonics exercises to strengthen the student's comprehension and reinforce fundamental skills. Upon completion of the Phonics section, there are 29 weekly lessons consisting of 5 days of Spelling exercises, activities and games.

The week begins with a read-aloud story (found in the Teacher Guidebook) to introduce the topic and theme Scripture text for the week. Students then complete a preview exercise that gauges which of the seven weekly Spelling words will require the most focused practice. (At the parent's discretion, three additional "challenge" words are included each week.) In the following days, your children complete a variety of learning activities and word games to help master the Spelling list and underlying concepts. The week concludes with a post-test to allow your child to demonstrate his progress.

Note: The weekly theme Scripture text in A Reason For Spelling Level A corresponds with the same week's verse in A Reason For Handwriting Level A, thus reinforcing the Scripture values found in each lesson.