Bouncy Band: Flick Sticks 10 Pc. Pack


Calming, silent and satisfying sensory fidget toy reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus in school & home Increase Focus: Tapping, twirling, and running fingers on the soft, flexible, and colorful rubbery fibers allows movement while working providing an outlet for excess energy and relieving tension A Great Gift: 5 colors (2 of each) - 2x1" Flick Sticks are the perfect present for any fidgeter. Use for teacher and parent prizes, party favors and stocking stuffers Quiet: Silent fidget tools keep hands busy, and minds focused providing a tactile outlet for restlessness for all ages Modifies Fidgety Behavior: Redirects fidgety fingers away from pulling hair and biting nails. Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism Attaches to Screens and Laptop Keyboards: The suction cup enables the Flick Stick to stay in place and not get lost Safety Tested & Latex Free