Civitas: The Government Card Game


Civitas is an exciting, educational card game that teaches students about different government forms. Become the President, General, or even King while you try to be the first to empty your hand of cards. Customize each game by mixing and matching the eight different government types. Choose the form of government wisely because each one has special effects that can make it easier for you, or harder for your opponents, to win. Use the power of Communism to slow down the leader, or declare a Plutocracy and watch your lead get bigger with every turn. But watch out for descent into Anarchy, where government leaders lose their power, and anything goes! Civitas is a fast-paced hand management game designed by Tyler Hogan. It is an excellent resource for classrooms, homeschoolers, libraries, and family game nights! Teacher resources are available at Features 8 Government types: Democracy Republic Communism Monarchy Military Theocracy Plutocracy Civitas contains: 12 Oversized Leadership Cards 228 Playing Cards Blank Do-It-Yourself Cards