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I Heart Guts: Appendix Plush Organ

by Faire

No appendix? No problem! Take our appendix plushie home with you -- it's just as useless as the real thing without the pain. Give the gift of an appendix that won’t explode or cause trouble. Microbiome not included. Awesome mini-book bursting with info all about this vestigial organ included with 14.25" x 6" x 4" orange appendix stuffed toy. 

Perfect present for appendicitis sufferers, or to commemorate an appendix loved and lost. If your appendix burst with happiness, then you need this smiling orange appendix plush. When you’ve got an infected appendix on your hands, first hit the emergency room, then get this gut post-op STAT. If you’re giving it to a friend, make sure they don’t bust their stitches laughing when you give them their appendix back. 

Replace that pesky organ with this huggable fluffy appendix pillow. Real appendixes are useless. This appendectomy after-surgery support stuffed animal is useful! Great get well gift for a post-op recovery snuggle.