Florida's primary hub for homeschool families

The Homeschool Hive is Florida's ONLY retail store that carries homeschool curriculum, educational supplies, enrichment activities, games, puzzles, books, and more. We also offer homeschool evaluations, standardized testing, and home education consultations.

Homeschool Products & Resources

The Homeschool Hive is the first brick-and-mortar AND online retail store in Florida to offer homeschool families products to enrich their home education program, fulfill annual evaluation requirements, and receive support and encouragement - all under one roof!

Opening Sept. 10th, 2022

Educational Products

Browse our wide selection of educational games, books, crafts & more!

Curriculum Options

From all the Homeschool publishers you know and love.

Florida Homeschool Evaluations & Testing

New around here? Check out our sister company, Florida Homeschool Evaluations & Testing, for more homeschool resources!

About The Homeschool Hive

The Homeschool Hive is Tampa's only local homeschool hub that provides the local homeschool community a sense of belonging.

We offer parents the tools that they need provide their children a comprehensive homeschooling education and environment.

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