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All About Reading Something Fishy Review book


Introducing Something Fishy, a 136-page book full of activities thoughtfully designed to make reading and spelling concepts exciting and engaging for students. Embark on an underwater adventure alongside clever clownfish, majestic whales, stunning starfish, and other fascinating sea creatures! With 16 full-color activities, your child will have a delightful and engaging way to review essential concepts.

Each activity in Something Fishy not only serves as a review for reading and spelling concepts but also includes fun facts, trivia tidbits, and additional games to captivate your student’s curiosity about the wonders of the sea.

The activities in Something Fishy can be used with any lesson in any level of All About Reading or All About Spelling. Simply choose a selection of review words and then follow the instructions included with each activity. For added convenience, extra consumable pages are included, enabling students to replay each activity multiple times. Plus, these activities are not restricted to a specific sequence, so feel free to use them in any order you wish!