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Bob Books Set 4 - Complex Words


Readers at this level are able to tackle longer sentences and longer books but still love the accomplishment of reading a book all the way through. Bob Books Set 4 continues to build reading skills, while also providing engaging stories that build success.

In Bob Books Set 4, the simple narrative and design help children focus their skills on decoding, while introducing more challenging concepts and longer words. The delightful illustrations and humor help keep young readers engaged.

Inside the box you'll find:
- 8 easy-to-read books, 16-24 pages each
- Many four and five letter words (one syllable)
- Two syllable words 
- Many consonant blends (such as nd, sn, st, ck) 
- A few vowel combinations (such as ou, ee, oo)
- Many words can be "sounded out" (phonics based)
- Limited sight words
- Up to 150 words per book