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Channie's Quick & Neat Cursive Handwriting Pad

  • ISUAL CURSIVE HANDWRITING BLOCKS: Double-sided sheets with slanted blank color-coded blocks; Made especially for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade kids; These visual educational tools help elementary school children practice cursive handwriting
  • CONSISTENT CALLIGRAPHY PRACTICE: Uniform slanted blank blocks aid consistent letter size; Slanted spacing lines guide proper spacing; Green shade helps maintain small case position and creates a guide for writing straight sentences to avoid landslide writing style
  • EXCELLENT LEARNING COMPLEMENT: Teaching aid loved by teachers, parents, and homeschoolers; Great complement to primary school books; Encourages academic discipline and independent student work
  • DAILY PRACTICE WORKBOOK: 80 blank cursive practice pages; Daily practice builds and improves neat and straight cursive writing skills; Visual approach promotes awareness and self-correction if writing goes outside blocks. Write any cursive words or sentences in the blank blocks to learn and practice cursive