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  • A Fun Reading & Writing Workbook: Channie's The 20 Locations Around the World reading comprehension and handwriting workbook is designed to help kids write comfortably, practice reading comprehension, and get inspired by inspiring places from around the globe
  • Places to Explore: The workbook features outstanding facts about 20 astounding locations around the world; Your kids will develop a sense of excitement and adventure that will teach them about the world and handwriting at the same time
  • Develop Reading & Writing Skills: On the left page is a short paragraph for easy reading and better understanding of important facts; On the right page, your child can copy or summarize the text in Channie’s visual blocks to improve handwriting while memorizing important locations around the world
  • Ideal Educational Gift: This book can be used as summary reading or afterschool program supplement, and it is also a great resource for special education children; Enhance skills in reading comprehension and handwriting; Enrich knowledge about the world in a fun way!