Channie's Visual Cursive Notebook 120 Pages Easy To Learn Practice Cursive

  • Visual Cursive Handwriting Paper, Patent Pending; Double-Sided Sheets with Slanted Color-Coded Blocks; Grades 1 - 3; Perfect for Elementary School Children; Great Resource for Special Education
  • Uniform Slanted Blocks Aid Consistent Letter Size; Slanted Spacing Lines Guide Proper Spacing; Green Shade Helps Maintain Small Case Position and Creates a Guide for Writing Straight Sentences to Avoid Landslide Writing Style; Visual Approach Promotes Self-Correction If Writing Goes Outside Blocks
  • Slanted Color-Coded Blocks Support Upper and Lower Case Cursive Practice; Narrow Spacing Holds Punctuation Marks; Visual Guides Encourage Academic Discipline and Independent Student Work
  • Copy and Write Cursive; Daily Practice Pad Builds and Improves Skills; Promotes Learning, Tracing, and Practicing ABCs, Letters, Words, Numbers, Sentences, and Penmanship
  • Slanted Blocks, Green Shade, and Visual Spacing Lines Help Guide Kids to Write with a Slant, Use Proper Spacing, and Maintain Consistent and Proper Cursive Letter Size; 8.5 x 11 inches