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Channie's Youth Composition Notebook

  • Easy to Use: Our patent-pending visual handwriting sheets mark the way for clear, legible writing; Perfect for elementary school students, special needs children, teens, and mature writers
  • Ideal for Older Learners: The subtle, elegant cover is great for older kids who want a more serious notebook, and this journal uses our smallest writing blocks, perfect for children who have already come a long way
  • Versatile: You child can use Channie's Handwriting Improvement Composition Notebook for any school course that demands note taking; Use it for personal writing as a diary, poetry notebook, or calligraphy workbook
  • Effective After-School Practice: Designed to enhance learning beyond the classroom, Channie's Handwriting Improvement Workbook is a powerful tool for homeschooling and after-school reinforcement of writing skills
  • Designed to Empower Your Kids: Effective learning means that your children can tell when they are improving; Our goal is to get them to the place where they can see that with just a little bit of effort, they can accomplish what they set their minds to!