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Critical Thinking Company: Middle School Science


This 512 page book for Grades 6-8 provides a concise and useful understanding of middle school general science. It offers definitions, instruction, examples, practice reviews, and practice tests. It can be used as a comprehensive review, for tutoring, as a reference for helping students with homework, for test prep, or as a complete homework guide and supplement to another middle school general science textbook. It is also well suited for use in Adult Basic Education programs.

  • Each concept, term, phrase, etc. has a clear definition followed by examples.
  • Easily locatable key terms, definitions, properties, phrases, concepts,formulas, rules, etc.
  • Clear step-by-step procedures for applying theorems.
  • A concise study guide, that gets to the heart of each particular topic,providing students with a quick review before doing homework or preparing for a test.
  • Clear and easy-to-understand written format and style. Materials are presented in both visual and color formats with less text and more tables, outlines, boxes, charts, etc.
  • Tables that organize and summarize key terms, procedures, methods,equations, etc. clearly presenting information to make studying more effective.
  • A summary at the end of each chapter conveniently emphasizes the key points in the chapter for students reviewing before exams.
  • Practice sheets and quizzes are in each chapter; students can take the quiz to determine how much they know about the topic. If they do well, they may decide to move on to the next topic without reading the lesson.