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Kate Snow: Division Facts That Stick


The fun, engaging program that will help your child master the division facts once and for all"without spending hours and hours drilling flash cards! Division Facts That Stick will guide you, step-by- step, as you teach your child to understand and memorize the division facts, from 1 1 up to 100 10. Hands-on activities, fun games your child will love, and straightforward practice pages help students remember the division facts for good.

- clear, easy-to-use lesson plans with diagrams and illustrations
- over 100 pages of game boards, activities, and practice pages
- answer keys
- everything you need to teach your student the division facts in just 10 weeks

In 15 minutes per day (perfect for after school, or as a supplement to a homeschool math curriculum) any child can master the division facts and develop greater confidence in math, in just ten weeks!
Mastery of the math facts is the foundation for all future math learning. Lay that foundation now, and make it solid, with Division Facts That Stick!