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Elementary Science: Soil, Sea, and Sky (Teacher Guide)


Elementary Science: Soil, Sea, & Sky guides your student on an amazing scientific exploration of plants, animals, insects, and their relationships with one another in the world through The Ecology Book, Big Book of Earth & Sky, and Bugs (sold separately). Students will travel from earth’s core to the edge of the outer atmosphere as they catch glimpses of the Creator’s hand all along the way and learn that God’s amazing world is filled with endless discoveries.

Elementary Science: Soil, Sea, & Sky Teacher Guide Features:

  • Suggested Daily Schedule—saving you time!
  • Worksheets
  • Quizzes
  • Answer Key

Course Features:

  • 30-45 minutes per lesson, 3x per week
  • Perforated, 3-hole punched worksheets
  • Recommended Grade Level: 4th - 6th