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Super Duper: Reading For Details In Stories Fun Deck


Reading for Details in Stories. To become successful readers, it is imperative for students to identify and remember the important details in a story. Reading for Details in Stories Super Fun Deck features 100 engaging stories divided into three levels of difficulty. Students read the story on the large cards (4" x 7") and answer the comprehension question that follows. Then they use the Super Duper Secret Decoder to check their answers. The comprehension questions increase in difficulty with each level. Each story level is color-coded for easy sorting: Level 1 - Purple cards have 30 stories with 6–8 sentences at a 2nd–3rd grade readability level. Level 2 - Yellow cards have 50 stories that are 10–12 sentences in length with a 4th–5th grade readability level. Level 3 - Magenta cards have 30 stories that are the same length and readability level as Level 2, but the stories contain facts about people, geography, animals, and more.