Giant Microbes: Genetics Box


Bring DNA, RNA, Genes, Chromosomes, and the topic of Genetics to life with our Genetics Themed Gift Box! This Genetics themed box is an exciting educational gift for friends, family, scientists, healthcare professionals, and anyone who wants to know who they are and what they are made of.

This memorable and fun gift is perfect for family, friends, students, scientists, educators, doctors, geneticists, ancestry enthusiasts and all who are curious about their own genes and DNA. Appreciate that your chromosomes store your genetic information inside cells and they consist of DNA and RNA. Thank your mom and dad for your two pairs of 23 chromosomes.

Genetics themed gift box includes these 3" mini microbe key chains: DNA, Nucleus, Mitochondria, RNA and Chromosome. Educational information on back.

Clip them onto your backpack, keys or anywhere! Includes key chain clips.