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Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind: Purple Workbook Key


Making grading easy with this key for the Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind Student Workbook 1. It includes exercises from the student workbook with the correct answers overlaid, explanations for the instructor, and guidance as to when the answers might be ambiguous. 417 pages, softcover.

The Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind curriculum is a thorough, easy-to-use grammar program that will bring students from the early stages of basic definitions through advanced sentence structure and analysis. Picking up where the First Language Lessons series left off, this course will give students the grammar skills need to write and speak well and with confidence.

Please Note: You might receive a book that lists either the level or the color purple; the content is identical. The levels were changed to "colors" from numerical order to reflect that the years can be done in any order.