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Help Your Kids with Geography

by Penguin


Help your kids to be the best in their geography class. This book will help you to understand what they’re being taught so you can answer all their geography questions.

This book is what every frustrated parent needs. Its innovative approach combines colorful diagrams and illustrations with step-by-step explanations, making geography easier to understand than ever before. 

Covering all the core subjects for 10–16 year olds, from oceans and volcanoes to climate change and population growth, this invaluable guide allows parents and kids to work together to understand even the trickiest topics.

You will both soon be experts in map reading, plate tectonics, data handling, and much more.

Explore the pages of this great geography book for kids to find:

– Concepts of human and physical geography, including fieldwork skills, are made simple, with clear text and step-by-step explanations.
– Covers not just aspects of physical geography and human geography, but presents practical skills necessary for succeeding in the subject.
– Stimulates children’s interest in geography, maps, geological features, and human interaction
– All content reviewed by educational consultants.
– Provides key support for developing geography skills at home alongside school studies