Horizons Math: Book 2 (Kindergarten)


Take your kindergartner to the next level in math with Horizons Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 from Alpha Omega Publications. Perfect for young learners, this student workbook contains 80 colorful, consumable lessons that build upon the basic math skills learned in Student Book 1. Using a spiral learning method, Horizons will expand your child's math abilities to adding and subtracting two-digit numbers; reading bar graphs and pictographs, sequencing numbers, understanding numerical place values, telling time in hours and minutes, and more. Plus, each colorfully-illustrated lesson in this Alpha Omega curriculum motivates your young child to learn every arithmetic fact necessary to prepare him for first grade.

But that's not all! Your child will love reviewing each math concept without the excessive use of repetitive math problems. And perforated pages are easily removed, no more struggling with writing math answers in a workbook that won't lie flat. Why not give your child the best in today's homeschool math curriculum! Order your Horizons Kindergarten Math Student Book 2 now!