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Horizons Math: Teacher's Guide (6th Grade)


Whether you're looking for practical teaching tips, exciting learning activities, or just reviewing daily goals and objectives in the Horizons 6th Grade Math curriculum, Alpha Omega Publications has exactly what you need to make your homeschooling math time more effective—the Horizons 6th Grade Math Teacher's Guide. This comprehensive, time-saving guide clearly outlines each day's lessons plans for this Alpha Omega curriculum with a variety of resources, including a detailed scope and sequence, manipulative schedule, and additional worksheet schedule that makes lesson planning a breeze. But that's not all! In order to teach to your child's learning edge, the Horizons 6th Grade Math Teacher's Guide contains a math readiness evaluation that determines your child's potential strengths and weakness even before you begin teaching. Plus as your child progresses through the engaging Horizons math curriculum, the Teacher's Guide provides four quarterly tests and one final exam to ensure your child's mastery of each math concept. Sound fantastic? It is! Why not give yourself a helping hand and watch your child's math skills soar? Order the easy-to-use Horizons 6th Grade Math Teacher's Guide today!