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Horizons Math: Teacher's Guide (Kindergarten)


Teaching Horizons math to your kindergartner doesn't have to be difficult. The Horizons Kindergarten Math Teacher's Guide makes teaching easy. Perfect for veteran and novice homeschooling parents alike, this comprehensive step-by-step teacher's guide has everything you need to successfully teach your child numbers and arithmetic skills. Daily overviews provide clear-cut learning goals and guidelines for this Alpha Omega curriculum. Plus, suggested material and supplies lists help you confidently prepare for each day's Horizons math lesson. In addition, practical teaching tips help you visualize the right way to teach each math concept while fun-filled learning activities and suggested hands-on manipulative ideas keep your young child looking forward to Horizons math every day. And there's more! You'll love the time-saving feature of easy-to-find answer keys listed on each day's lesson plans and 40 additional practice worksheets that reinforce the basic math concepts learned in each lesson. Simply said, Horizons Math is so easy to teach with the Horizons Kindergarten Math Teacher's Guide, it practically teaches itself! Order this amazing Alpha Omega curriculum teaching resource for yourself today!