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Horizons Penmanship: 2nd Grade Workbook


Cursive Teach your child handwriting skills that leave a lasting impression with the exciting Horizons 2nd Grade Penmanship Student Book. This easy-to-use, full-color student workbook transitions your young child to cursive writing while reinforcing previously learned manuscript skills. Used as a stand-alone or enrichment homeschool resource, easy-to-understand lessons include Zaner-Bloser simplified cursive writing of lower- and upper-case letters, words, and sentences on ½ inch lines. In addition, weekly thought-provoking writing projects of short poems or selected Scripture verses from the NIV translation can be used for memorization. Plus you'll love the helpful guidelines that assist homeschooling parents in teaching correct posture, pencil grip, paper position, and stroke. Don't write off the importance of good handwriting skills. Whether filling out forms, writing thoughtful thank-you notes, or completing future writing assignments, your child's well-formed manuscript and cursive letters will give him a competitive edge. Try this popular Bible-based penmanship curriculum and discover the difference for yourself. Just order the Horizons 2nd Grade Penmanship Student Book and get started today!