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Horizons Penmanship: 3rd Grade Workbook


Cursive Practice makes perfect and your child will love improving his penmanship with the Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Student Book from Alpha Omega Publications. Diverse, activity-filled lessons capture your child's attention and reinforce the importance of handwriting with biblically-based writing exercises in this user-friendly homeschool curriculum. As your child traces letters and words, defines vocabulary words, and practices writing quotes and answers to questions about God's Word, he'll keep his manuscript and cursive handwriting skills razor-sharp. Plus you'll love the perforated pages and helpful guidelines that assist homeschooling parents in teaching correct posture, pencil grip, paper position, and stroke. Don't let your busy homeschool schedule keep your child from practicing his handwriting. Whether writing a note of congratulations, sympathy, or friendship, good penmanship is still necessary in today's world. Keep your child writing at his best! Order your Horizons 3rd Grade Penmanship Student Book today!