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Horizons Spelling & Vocab: Grade 2 Workbook


Take your child's spelling skills from good to great with the Horizons 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Student Book from Alpha Omega Publications. As your child completes each eye-catching lesson in this softbound workbook, he'll review concepts learned in Horizons Spelling & Vocabulary 1 as well as new phonetic spelling rules for words with silent letters, comparative endings, suffixes, prefixes, irregular plurals, consonant diagraphs, and more! In addition, your child will soon become a champion speller with weekly practice word lists that include sight words, frequently-used words, phonetic words, and words with rhyming patterns. But that's not all! As your child looks up each new spelling word in the companion Horizons 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Dictionary, his vocabulary and grammar will improve. What could be better? Give your homeschool child the skills he needs to be an effective communicator. Order your copy of the Horizons 2nd Grade Spelling & Vocabulary Student Book today!