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I Heart Guts: Gallbladder Plush Organ

by Faire

Gallbladder gone? No worries, replace it with a fluffy plushie gallbladder! This small organ looms large when it comes to digesting fats. This gallbladder pillow is a ginormous 8.5" x 7" x 4" super-soft high quality bile buddy.

This gallbladder plush won't give you any trouble, while your real organ is chilling on a gorgeous gallstone beach with its bile ducts dipped in a Mai Tai. Your gallbladder may be gone, but it's not forgotten.  Designed in California, handmade in an ethically-certified factory in China. Safe for ages 3 and up. 100% polyester.

Gallbladders sometimes go crazy on you. This gallbladder stuffed animal is friendlier than your lousy stone-filled gallbladder, no disrespect. Blow your surgeon’s mind with this snuggly adorable gallbladder. Brings smiles and comfort to you and your care team during tough times.

What does the gallbladder do? The gallbladder collects and concentrates bile, a substance made by the liver and used to digest fat, like that ice cream you had last night. Bile helps keeps your cholesterol in check! Gall stones are the crystals that sometimes form from the bile. 

Did your gallbladder quit on you? You’re not alone. A half-million American gallbladders are separated from their owners every year. It’s tragic, but you can live without that pesky bile balloon, so no worries. Learn all about galls in our art-filled hangtag, stuffed with gallbladder goofiness and anatomical fun facts.