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Kate Snow: Kindergarten Math with Confidence Instructor Guide


With this scripted, open-and-go program, parents have the tools they need to teach math with confidence. Carefully-sequenced, confidence-building lessons will help children develop a strong understanding of math, step by step. Daily review will ensure they fully master what they have learned. With this blend of conceptual understanding and traditional skill practice, your child will be well-prepared for first grade as they master all the concepts typically covered in kindergarten: counting to 100; writing numbers; beginning addition and subtraction; shapes and patterns; and coins, time, and measurement.

Includes weekly suggestions for delightful math picture books and ideas for integrating what the child is learning into her daily activities. No expensive manipulatives needed; you’ll need just basic household items (like coins, objects to count, and a clock) to make math come alive for your child. Student workbook required.