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Know Yourself: Adventure 8 The Endocrine System



This award-winning workbook does far more than teach your child about the endocrine system.

Join us as we grow our knowledge on the endocrine system! Travel to 1950s Cuba and meet the baseball team, The Sabuesos, and learn the importance of how to work together - just as your Endocrine System does - to regulate, control, and coordinate your bodily functions.

Through an artful combination of hands-on learning, storytelling, world cultures, and engaging activities, this workbook guides your children on a journey of self discovery and an understanding of what they are made of.

Inside Adventure 8, you will find fun endocrine system activities for kids that include experiments, crafts, comics, word games, recipes, and more!

Recommended Ages: For independent learning, we recommend ages 8 and up. However, these workbooks are suitable for all ages, including parents too!

Teaches young learners about their endocrine system through a multidisciplinary approach integrating literacy, science, social studies, health/wellness, art, and more!

This product includes:

  • 121 pages of hands-on learning for hours of discovery and fun!
  • Includes the comic: Time Skaters Adventure 8: Gland Slam

Know Yourself engages young minds in understanding anatomy, physiology, and psychology. This book sets a foundation for discovering how the body functions, building confidence, and making healthy decisions for yourself. Our pedagogical approach includes a variety of learning modalities, spiral curriculum design, and culturally responsive and representative content.

Know Yourself has had the great fortune of working with a team of parents, educators, writers, doctors, scientists, artists, researchers and filmmakers in creating this original, educational, award-winning content. We thank them all for their time, their passion, and their expertise in helping make Know Yourself a reality.