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Learn Math Fast: Vol 1 Basic Operations


283-page paperback book
51 lessons, 51 worksheets, four-chapter tests and one final test
Answer Key in the back of the book
An Answer Card for the verbal tests 

Why start with Volume 1?
     Volume 1 teaches students how to add and subtract single digit numbers in their mind.  This is a skill that is often missing from other curricula, and it is generally what holds a student back from exceling in math.  Once they learn how to add and subtract single digit numbers, they can take advantage of tricks like the 9's trick and the 11's trick (see below).
​With this approach to multiplication, students only need to memorize 11 of the multiplication answers, not 144 of them.  The rest of them can be solved an easier way or with a trick. 
     Older students can complete this book in about six weeks (or less) and get their confidence back.  Middle schoolers can complete it in about two months and gain that much needed foundation.
     If your student struggles with math, please start with the first lesson in volume one and don't skip any lessons.  You can tell them that this is the only way for you to KNOW that they KNOW everything the NEED to know before taking on fractions.  If the lesson is easy, they will be done in a few minutes.  But by reading every lesson, they will be sure to learn what they missed the first time around.  However, if your student can add, subtract, multiply and divide REALLY WELL, even with a decimal point, then you can skip volume 1 and start with fractions.
     Have a young student?  No problem, everyone goes at their own pace.  Just give them several days or weeks to learn each lesson.  There are supplemental worksheets on this website, if your student needs more practice.

Stand Alone or Supplemental?
     This book teaches the foundation of math starting at 2 + 3.  Students should already know how to count, read and write numbers, and have a basic understanding of 2 + 1 before starting.  Topics such as telling time, the calendar, Roman numerals and tally marks are considered math, but are not taught in the Learn Math Fast System.  Most homeschoolers can teach those topics over time without a book.  This book will teach anyone, at any age, how to add, subtract, multiply and divide with the greatest of ease - quickly!

Scope and Sequence
Students will learn how to add and subtract single digit numbers in their mind.
Fluency in multiplication facts and triple digit multiplication problems.
Addition, subtraction and multiplication are taught with and without a decimal point.
Long division with and without a decimal point is taught.  Students will learn to write their remainders with a fraction, a decimal point, or as a whole number.
Place Value up to the one hundred billionth place is taught.
Students can round a number up or down.
US Measurements and Unit of Measurement are taught