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Learn Math Fast: Vol 6 Applications of Algebra


239-page paperback book with 15 lessons, 15 worksheets, Two chapter tests and one final test
Answer Key in the back of the book with full solutions   
If your student scores well (B+ or better) on the final test, then one credit for Algebra 2 is earned.
My student already took Algebra.  Can I start with Volume 6?     The thing with algebra 1 and 2 is that nobody has drawn a line in the sand to separate the two.  For that reason, I recommend reading volumes 5 and 6 (and maybe volume 3) to get a solid grasp of algebra 1 and 2 topics.  

Features and Differences:This volume has a color coded system to help the reader follow along as the equations change.
Topics covered in volume 6 are typically taught in twelfth grade, but we don't mention grade level in the books. 
Public School teaches Geometry after algebra 1.  We teach algebra 2 after algebra 1.
Complete algebra 1, algebra 2 and Geometry in one school year, and watch your SAT score soar!

Scope and Sequence:
Students are taught how to build an equation to solve difficult story problems.
The Distance Formula is used to solve story problem that involve travel.
Congruent Triangle are used to solve story problems that are often found on the SAT.
Students will learn skills to determine if two triangles are similar or congruent.
The basics of solving for the probability of an event are taught.
Equations with Inequalities are solved.
Solution and Mixture Problems are explained.
System of Equations are used to solve word problems and other algebraic equations.
Graphing Linear and Quadratic Equations.