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Learn Math Fast: Volume 7 High School Geometry


383-page paperback book with 30 lessons, 30 worksheets, five chapter tests and one final test
Answer Key in the back of the book with full solutions   
If your student scores well (B+ or better) on the final test, then one credit for Geometry is earned.
Can I start with Volume 7? If your student understands how to use the Pythagorean Theorem and knows the difference between the three special triangles, then you can use volume 7 as your stand-alone geometry course.     
Otherwise, read volume 4, our basic geometry course, before starting volume 7.  Volume 4 will take about one month to complete.
Features: Geometry has never been so easy as it is with Learn Math Fast.
Topics covered in volume 7 are typically taught in eleventh grade, but we don't mention grade level in the books. 
Public School teaches Geometry after algebra 1.  We teach algebra 2 after algebra 1, then geometry.
Most high school students can complete this book in about three months.
Complete algebra 1, algebra 2 and Geometry in one school year, and watch your SAT score soar!

Scope and Sequence:
Students learn to recognize Supplementary and Complementary Angles.
Identifying Corresponding, Alternate Interior and Alternate Exterior Angles to solve for x.
Using Postulates and Theorems to write a Formal Proof.
Mathematically find Congruent Triangles to solve story problems.
How to find the Altitude, Median and Bisector of a Right Triangle.
Using Sine, Cosine and Tangent to solve for x in a Right Triangle.
Students will learn the difference between a Rhombus, a Rectangle and a Trapezoid, and how to find the area of each.
Learn how to solve for missing Interior and Exterior Angles of a Polygon.
Finding the Area of Polygons.
Solving for Interior Angles inside a Circle and Exterior Angles that intercept Circles.
Identifying Congruent Circles.
Solving for unknown angles in a Circle using Intersecting Chords and Arc Length Proportions.
Students will learn how to Simplify Radicals.
How to find the Area of a Circle, Sector and Circle Segment.
Finding the volume of a space figure.