Little Nino's Pizzeria Reader

by Ingram

his is a great story about a father and a son who own a pizzeria. Nino, the dad, makes the best pizza in the world, and Tony is the best helper in the world. He kneads the dough, clears the plates, brings the food out to the customers, and feeds the leftovers to the homeless outside. The restaurant is small, but people love the pizza so much they come from all over town and stand in a long line just to eat there. Nino gets a business proposition which changes everything. This appears to be a good thing, but is it really?

Category Description for Five in a Row Literature Unit Studies:

This series provides a wonderful way to nurture your relationship with your children and foster a lifelong adventure of learning. The Five in a Row title comes from reading the same classic children’s book five days in a row as a literature-based unit study to cover social studies, character, language arts, math, science and art. Use as a stand-alone program for preschool, or supplement with phonics and math and use it with older children. Literature selections contain positive moral stories that reflect Biblical values. Choose from many possible activities for each day.