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MasterBooks: A Child's Geography: Explore the Holy Land


Explore the Holy Land offers your student a ticket to an unforgettable adventure through the six countries that make up the Holy Land. While learning the cultures and geography, the course guides your student to love God’s people in each country. Upper elementary students will enjoy engaging activities to help retain what they are learning including: creating recipes unique to the country, writing their own personal prayer to be placed in the Western Wall, researching native animal species, making art, and so much more.

Course Details:

  • Designed for 5th grade level students, able to be used for 4th – 8th grade
  • Scheduled 3 days a week over 36 weeks
  • Full color throughout
  • Hands-on activities for maximum student engagement and retention

Course Objectives:

  • Discover unique geological points of interest and fascinating geographical sites among the countries of Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.
  • Enjoy a photo-filled exploration of the history and the importance of many cities and natural wonders.
  • Explore how technology and innovation is changing desert life and the importance of natural resources to the economies and daily life of those who make the Holy Lands their home.

Course Components:

  • Reading
  • Memory Joggers serve as narration questions or chapter reviews
  • Adventure Challenges to reinforce concepts and aid in information retention
  • Mapping it Out allows students to recreate the map of the area they are studying
  • Travel Logs to record information they want to remember
  • A Tasty Tour offers an option to recreate the cuisine of the culture
  • Bring it Home includes music, simple art projects, suggested reading lists, poetry, and more
  • Go Into All the World helps your family pray for each area studied