Masterbooks Adventures in Creation Level 1


Homeschool families love the hands-on activities, engaging storyline, and biblical concepts taught in Adventures in Creation, Level 1 of Master Books’ Let’s Talk Science series. As you read through the hundreds of reviews on this homeschool science curriculum, you will see that this course is a favorite among students and their teachers.

Adventures in Creation is designed to teach children how science supports the Biblical account of God’s creation. Inside this full color, grab and go workbook, you will find:

  • Engaging experiments and activities to bring learning to life
  • Memory verses with hand motions to help students memorize Bible passages
  • Discussion Starters that encourage students to dive deeper into the topics they’re learning
  • Activity pages for students to create their own Science Notebook to share

Course Objectives:

Students completing this course will:

  • Learn that the study of science starts with the Bible
  • Explore the days of creation and learn about the amazing things God designed on each day
  • Discover that science teaches many lessons about God and about our relationship with Him
  • Develop a love for science through hands-on exploration and experimentation
  • Compile a Science Notebook as they document their discoveries and share what they’ve learned with others

Course Overview:

This course is designed to be interactive with students, as they are given the opportunity to stop and discuss answers to questions in the text. The course explores questions such as:

  • What is light made of?
  • How do clouds form?
  • What is photosynthesis?
  • Why does the moon have phases?
  • What are the layers of the ocean like?
  • How does the heart pump blood?

Students will be able to answer these questions and many more as they investigate their way through God’s creation.