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Math in Focus Student Grade 1 Book B


Category Description for Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach (2009-2015 Ed.):

NOTE: This is not the 2020 edition - - - Math in Focus is a program incorporating the widely-used Singapore approach to math. Two key ways that the Singapore approach differs from more traditional programs are:

  • Consistent use of models that allow students to tackle concepts that are normally delayed until later grades
  • An emphasis on application of math skills to real-world situations helps children become formidable problem solvers in real life

The question is not whether to use the Singapore approach, but which version you should choose: Primary Mathematics from or this new Math in Focus?

The underlying philosophy of Math in Focus is the same as Primary Math. It has the same emphasis on integrating concepts and skills; the same approach of beginning with concrete, then to pictorial, then to abstract; the same extensive problem solving using the famous bar models to tackle the tough questions. The scope of the program is essentially alike, as well. On the whole, I would say there is a bit more material in MIF than PM. Sometimes this includes additional concepts, sometimes just going deeper into a topic. While the sequence of topics corresponds for the most part between the two programs, I found a few places where it was different in the two levels I compared. These differences seemed limited to order of presentation within a grade rather than movement of concepts from one grade to another. MIF is CCSS-aligned, but in a comparison between it and Singapore Math Standards Edition, there only appears to be about 10% new content at each grade level, and these are all minor concepts and topics. The general scope and sequence of the program has not been changed. If you have previously used Primary Math, the transition to Math in Focus should be a smooth one.