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Monet Little Thinker Doll


Claude Monet's painting (titled "Impression, soleil levant") gave Impressionism its name. He spent his life capturing ordinary scenes glowing with extraordinary light. Couldn't you just hug him? Now you can! Our 11-inch Claude Monet Little Thinker doll captures the spirit of Monet with his long beard, an artistic smock, a painterly brush, and a Frenchy-French beret of Frenchness. Our dolls of famous figures, politicians, artists, scientists, and philosophers are educational, fun, and seriously cuddly! They make a great accent to any bed, bookshelf, or couch. Approximately 11" tall. Comes with a removable tag with a portrait, quotes, and achievements. Great for parents and children, home and school, students and teachers, you name it!