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MPH Science Intl (2E) Teacher's Guide Primary 3


Scheme of Work - Outlines the content, including an overview of:

    • the number of teaching hours
    • the scope and sequence of topics
    • resource usage, addressing when and where the Textbook, Activity Book and other resources relate to the lesson

Learning Outcomes - Covers all the key learning concepts of the curriculum

5E Lesson Plans - Lessons based on the 5E approach that are easy for teachers to follow

Links to Activity Book and Textbook - Provides an all-in-one package integrating the Textbook and the Activity Book to provide support for teachers and pupils

Differentiation - Pointers for teachers to help advanced and struggling learners where necessary

Additional Activities - Additional teaching ideas/activities to help make lessons more engaging without added lesson preparation time

Answers - Answers provided for:

    • Explore (Textbook)
    • Language Connect (Textbook)
    • Quick Check (Textbook)
    • Test Yourself (Textbook)
    • Activity (Activity Book)
    • Let’s Review (Activity book)
    • Revision Exercise (Activity book)