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Notgrass: Our 50 States Curriculum (Package)


Our 50 States is a one-year American geography and literature course designed for students in first, second, third, or fourth grade. It combines the flexibility and richness of a unit study with the simplicity of a textbook-based approach. In addition to narrative lessons about people and places from around the U.S., students learn through songs and hands-on activities.

The Our 50 States Curriculum Package includes the four books listed below, enough for one child to complete the curriculum. If you are using the curriculum with more than one child, you can purchase additional Atlas Workbooks or Lesson Review books separately.

Our 50 States

  • This book has the lessons to read plus all of the instructions and assignments. It also includes the songs and instructions for the family activities.

Our 50 States Atlas Workbook

  • This consumable book has geography activities related to the lessons

Our 50 States Lesson Review

  • This consumable book has review questions about each lesson

Our 50 States Answer Key and Literature Guide

  • This book contains answers for the Lesson Review questions and tests. It also includes a guide for the literature titles incorporated in Our 50 States

In addition to the books, you will get access to stream or download the audio recordings of all the songs.