OJO Atomic Force Board Game


Atomic Force is a unique educational board game for kids.  In this game, learn how to build simple chemistry elements and compounds for everyday materials!  Our Atomic Force board game ensures children's success in school and improves kids ability to absorb basic science concepts.  Problem-solving skills are a key ingredient for success in early years. WHAT’S IN THE BOX: Atomic Force comes with everything you need to feel like a real chemist; a data sheet & periodic table will be key to building your 3D atoms & learning all about atomic chemistry! Choose 1 of 3 atomic characters to move around the board and collect protons, neutrons and electrons depending on your dice roll. Use your atom boards to construct the 3D atoms you need to get to the finish line. WHY CHOOSE THIS STEM GAME: To see your child tackle the challenging subject of atomic chemistry… with ease! OjO’s STEM board games take tricky topics and make them accessible and fun.