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Physical Science: Printed Guide


The Physical Science guide lays out two distinct one-credit physical science courses. This self-guided program contains plans for:

Textbook assignments from CK12 Physical Science. Each week includes reading selections, vocabulary terms, and comprehension questions. (Note - CK12 is a standard textbook from a secular perspective that is available for free online.)

Weekly experiment options: one option gives directions for hands-on experiments and one option lays out plans for online labs with Beyond Labz. You can see tutorials and demos of these online labs on the Beyond Labz YouTube Channel. (Note - Both of these options are separate purchases.)

Two scheduling options: a standard hands-on lab science course and a digital, virtual lab science course. In other words, you can choose which option best suits your student's needs.

Plus, there are events in science assignments and optional hands-on science activities.

Physical Science makes it easy for your student to learn about physical science.