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Physics for the Grammar Stage Combo


Prepare your youngsters for physics with an engaging introduction to motion, forces, energy, and more!  Active and creative elementary students will enjoy hands-on projects, notebooking activities, narration worksheets, beginning lab report pages, and memory work pages that appeal to Classical and Charlotte Mason homeschool families.  The 36 weeks of instruction cover units on motion, forces, energy, electricity, light, sound, and engineering.  The Physics for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook also includes charts, review sheets, and glossary pages to fill in. 


Have the tools you need to teach physics at your fingertips! Our Physics for the Grammar Stage Teacher Guidelays out a thirty-six-week study of motion, forces, energy, and more. The guide includes:

  • 2 Scheduling options (2-day and 5-day),
  • Plans for reading assignments from visually appealing children's encyclopedias,
  • Scripted scientific demonstrations, plus additional STEAM activities,
  • And information for notebooking assignments, plus vocabulary and memory work.

Each week, you will know what to read about science, what to do for science, and how to write about science.


Harness the power of notebooking with our student workbooks or lapbooking templates!

  • ThePhysics for the Grammar Stage Student Workbook includes all the pages you need for the unit projects, notebooking sheets, demonstration reports, and review sheets, plus a student glossary.
  • The Physics for the Grammar Stage Lapbooking Templates include all the mini-book templates you need to create four beautiful lapbooks showing what your students learned during the year. 

We also offer coordinating coloring pages to use with your students. 


  • Ages: 9 to 11 years old
  • Grade: 3rd through 5th grade
  • Length: 36 weeks
  • Topics Covered: Energy, Light, Sound, Electricity, Forces, Motion, Engineering
  • Required Books (3rd Edition): Usborne Science Encyclopedia (2015 Edition) and Basher Engineering (2017 Edition)