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RightStart™ Mathematics Level C Second Edition Book Bundle


The RS2 Level C Lessons continues to build on known addition and subtraction facts, works with 4-digit addition and subtraction and 2-digit mental calculations and introduces multiplication and fractions. Other topics include area and perimeter, measurement, money, time, and basic fractions. They also work with drawing tools to explore geometric designs. Problem solving is emphasized. Card games are included in the lessons. Review lessons are included for children new to the RightStart™ program.

RS2 Level C Book Bundle includes the Lessons and Worksheets.

You will also need one RS2 Math Set per family.

If you are teaching this level to more than one child, you will need these duplicate items:

  • RS2 Level C Worksheets
  • AL Abacus Standard
  • Place Value Cards
  • Geared Clock
  • Fraction Charts, optional
  • Drawing Board Set
  • 4-in-1 Ruler