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Sequential Spelling 3 Student Workbook and Teacher's Guide


Sequential Spelling teaches word families through auditory (hearing the word), visual (seeing the correct word), kinesthetic (tracing the correct word) and oral (saying the word) channels. Children are allowed to have to the freedom to guess and learn from their mistakes, as tests are seen as opportunities to learn from student self-corrected mistakes, rather than a method of evaluation. By teaching words in word families, students will be learning and using vocabulary not normally learned until introduced in much later grades, giving them a head-start in much of their reading.

The Sequential Spelling Student Workbook features in-order blank spelling lists (unlike the student response book) with additional fun activities on the back of the page to help with reinforcement. Word searches, writing prompts, reviews, and fill-in-the-blank exercises are included for each lesson. Test included. Softcover. No word lists are included; those continue to be sold-separately in the teacher's book. Sequential Spelling Level 3.

The included teacher's guide accompanies Sequential Spelling Workbook 3, Revised Edition. This new, revised edition features updated teacher instructions and spelling lists, an answer key, and optional coordinating student workbook complete with daily "Using your Words" activities. Level 3 teaches word families in eight-week blocks; review is included throughout. Book Two teaches the word families iss, air, izz, ifle, eir, ieve, op, ash, oor, and more, building to words such as "creek", "heir", "poor" and "cash".

This kit includes:

  • Sequential Spelling Teacher's Guide Level 3, 72 pages, softcover, Revised Edition
  • Sequential Spelling Student Workbook Level 3, 376 pages, softcover.

For students to be able to use Sequential Spelling 3 effectively, they should be able to spell these words: nephews, humming, scrubbed, inventing, prevention, skating, promotion, helpless, twinkle, begged, etc. Students who have successfully completely Sequential Spelling Level 2 are ready to continue on with Level 3.