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SPARK: Emotions Toolbox


The SPARK Toolbox is an essential tool for parents and educators looking to support children's emotional wellbeing.

With 50 Calm Down Strategy Cards, this kit is designed to help children regulate their emotions and develop social-emotional skills. Each card features a tool illustration on one side, which children can easily relate to, and a calming-down strategy on the other side.

Whether a child is feeling angry, frustrated, upset, worried, mad, or impulsive, there is a card with a kid-friendly illustration to reflect each solution. This kit is the perfect addition to any home or classroom calm-down corner, therapy place or use when it's just too hard to think straight or figure out what might help a child relax and stay calm.

It's great for parents, teachers, therapists, school counselors, psychologists, homeschoolers, therapy centers, autism education and is designed for kids to use by themselves too. Give your child the tools they need to navigate their emotions and improve their social-emotional skills with the Emotions Cards Toolbox.