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Spellwell Book C, Workbook


In just thirty minutes a week, your students will be absorbing many new words they'll soon be encountering in books. Each book covers half a years' worth of spelling; Book C is to be used for the first half, and for the second half of fourth grade. The first ten to twelve words in each lesson are grade-level words that follow a particular pattern, along with sight words frequently used in writing. In addition, each lesson allows space for words from students' reading or writing. Spellwell offers students the opportunity to select words they would like to know how to spell, and is organized to provide daily practice at home, with class time used for a pretest and posttest. Spellwell also helps develop students' writing skills with exercises that ask them to write a paragraph on a topic, including several spelling words. Your students will have a larger vocabulary and will be able to communicate their ideas in writing! 65 pages, softcover. Grade 4. Pages are non-reproducible.