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Stargazer's Notebook: Yearlong Study of the Night Sky

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This stargazers book is part stargazing journal and part astronomy lab, The Stargazer’s Notebook provides the ideal instruction manual, planner, journal, and cosmos laboratory for the astronomy student, amateur stargazer, and anyone else wanting to learn more about the stars, planets, and celestial objects that occupy our skies.

Written by RSO Astronomy 2 author Blair Lee, the stargazers book: The Stargazer’s Notebook can be used as an adjunct to a formal astronomy course or as a stand-alone study of the night sky. Once every month for a whole year, you will learn about an interesting aspect of the cosmos, such as the colors of the stars and why stars appear to “twinkle” in the sky. You will also spend an evening each month of the year studying the night sky and drawing what you see. You will chronicle the patterns and locations of constellations and their movement across the night sky. You will find planets, galaxies, and stars. You will even prove that Earth revolves around, or orbits, the sun and not the other way around. In addition, you will aim to see special night sky events as they occur. Your goal is to view and draw meteor showers, falling stars, and maybe even a lunar or solar eclipse. Is a comet coming your way? Are the planets in a special alignment at any time this year? If so, you will learn how to view and draw these events.