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Super Duper: 204 Fold & Say Social Skills


Fold & Say for Social Skills is a collection of little books presenting everyday social situations from school, home, and the community. Each 8½" x 11" story folds into a 4-page mini-storybook.

Develops Social Skills:

  • Students look at/read about a common social situation, decide on an outcome, and then tell, write, or draw a picture of what happens next.
  • Students answer one to five questions about the situation. Each question helps the students focus on the feelings of the people involved in the activity and to explore other possible story outcomes.

Develops Language Skills!

  • Boosts language development.
  • Promotes social language skills such as sequencing, story retelling, paraphrasing, main idea, and narrative form.
  • Encourages logical and analytical thinking.


  • 204 Fold & Say reproducible social stories
  • 204 school, home and community topics
  • "Draw and/or Write" page for readers and non-readers
  • Reproducible parent/helper letter
  • Five questions per topic for optional parent/teacher discussion
  • Blank master to create your own stories
  • Activity suggestions and ideas
  • Amusing and playful illustrations