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Super Duper: Granny's Candies® Board Game


Granny's Candies® Board Game. Let Granny treat your students to some old-fashioned fun! Combine the excitement of picking colorful "candy" tokens from Granny's candy jars with hundreds of opportunities to expand vocabulary skills. First, you fill up the "candy jars" with "candy" (soft, foamy, and colorful tokens). Then, players choose question cards from one of eight semantic areas (or mix and match cards). Students answer the questions, roll the die, and pick "candy" from the jars. The player with the most "candy" at the end of the game wins. Sounds yummy! You receive 672 word-meaning cards (3" x 1") (84 for each area below): What belongs in this group? Which one doesn't belong? Give a describing word. How are they alike? What do these have in common? What is this used for? How are they different? Give an action word. Your extra ingredients include a colorful game board (18" x 18"), 144 "candy" tokens, a lesson/activity book, card holder, and die. Let's cook up some fun!