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The Creative Writer: level3 Building the Craft


The Creative Writer Level 3 continues to strengthen and build the writing skills taught in the previous two volumes. Moving away from the broad categories of the "five essentials" of the short story, this level focuses upon the details of technique. With an overarching focus on character, students will complete lessons that emphasize vivid & original prose, precision, showing & telling, and "getting away from yourself."

The poetry section covers many of the same elements as Level 2, but at a faster pace, and through working with a published poem, rather than student-written pieces. Written directly to the student, at the end of each section, challenge exercises provide an opportunity for students to put their newly-learned knowledge into practice.

Encouraging writers to work with a mentor, a section of "mentor materials" at the back of the book provides teaching hints and tips. Teaching the "craft" and "how-tos" of writing while still acknowledging the individual, creative process, The Creative Writer Level 3: Building Your Craft will provide the nitty-gritty instruction to polish student writing. 36 weeks of instruction, divided between fiction and poetry. 292 pages, softcover. Grades 7-9.