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The Critical Thinking Co. : Understanding Fractions, Percent, and Decimals


This 72-page math book for Grades 4-6 builds on the lessons learned in the first book in the series, Understanding Fractions for Grades 2-4. Students learn multiplication and division of fractions as well as how to convert fractions to percent and decimals. The book includes cut-out fraction bars to provide hands-on understanding. Students problem solve their way through fun, structured lessons to develop a thorough mastery of computational skills. They learn how fractions and percent are related, including the meaning and use of percent, as well as practical computations. This book includes lessons and exercises built to develop a solid understanding of how fractions are expressed using the decimal and percent systems. Teaching notes are provided.


  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions
  • Computing with percent
  • Converting fractions to decimals