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The First Book of Birds


The First Book of Birds: We all know a bird when we see one, but what makes a bird... a bird?A bird could never be mistaken for a dog or a lizard or a butterfly. A bird is simply a bird. Although there are many kinds of birds, they look and behave so much alike you can always tell them from other animals.You might think a bird is different because it flies. But some birds-penguins and ostriches, for example-cannot fly at all. And some other animals can. Bats and insects do.The First Book of Birds is a delightful introduction to the world of birds for young readers. Author Margaret Williamson shares her passion and knowledge of birds with engaging and informative text that will inspire children to explore and appreciate the natural world around them. With beautiful illustrations by the author, this book provides a wonderful foundation for bird-watching and nature observation.Look for other books in this series from Living Book Press.